Back pain is very common, but can affect people in different ways. A lot of research in recent years has changed the thinking about the best way to deal with back pain. We suggest starting with some basic facts:

  • Back pain is usually not due to any serious disease
  • Most back injuries feel worse than they are
  • Most back pain settles quickly
  • Bed rest is not recommended
  • It affects men and women equally, and more people experience back pain as they grow older
  • It frequently reduces people’s quality of life
  • The majority of people with back pain will not require anything more than conservative management; including advice, pain control, physical therapy and exercises / rehabilitation
  • It’s usually caused by something inconspicuous, that becomes ‘the straw that broke the camels back’
  • The natural history of back pain is one of peaks and troughs
  • Back pain is not always from a physical cause

Back pain is complex and there are many contributing factors. Keeping a holistic approach to caring for your back is by far the best way to approach back pain. The root cause of your back pain is sometimes unclear, but adopting these principles may hopefully allow your back pain to settle quickly, at least enough to get on with your normal life.

The well known saying ‘time is a great healer’ is true for back pain. Healing can’t be rushed, and while some exercises can provide fast relief, there are also things you should adopt into your lifestyle that will make just as much impact, but might take longer for you to see or feel the benefit. Please remember there are no guarantees that any one single strategy will work, and if you feel you would like more specific advice for your symptoms after a thorough history and exam then please contact our practice or visit your GP.  

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