We strongly believe that the earlier in life someone receives chiropractic treatment the better. It is much easier to correct early compensation patterns in children than it is to fix broken adults 40 or 50 years down the line.


We see a surprising number of teenagers with problems that are usually associated with the older population. Back pain, neck pain and headaches are common complaints that teenagers present with. Most of these issues are down to poor posture that has developed through poor lifestyle habits (modern day living). We want to teach better health habits, encourage more active lifestyles and promote the importance of looking after their spines. Healthy spine = healthy life.


As the years go by, daily life can take it's toll on your body and your health. Now, more than ever it is increasingly difficult to fit healthy habits in to our hectic schedules. At TWC Chiropractic we encourage good spinal health, clean and wholesome nutrition, exercise, rest and stress management. Chiropractic can be part of your new health care routine and a "MOT"every now and again will keep your joints supple and your whole body fit and healthy. If you could do with a health "MOT" then get in touch. We understand the multitude of factors that create health and enjoy giving simple effective tips on ways that our clients could start to improve theirs.

Elderly care

At TWC Chiropractic, we can't stop you growing old, but we might be able to help you stop feeling it! Degeneration of joints occurs without you knowing it. Our bodies are very clever, they adapt and compensate for the wear and tear changes until the body can't anymore and that's when; you guessed it… PAIN is felt. The problem is that the dysfunction was there a long time before the pain. Chiropractors can detect these areas before they start to cause pain and get the "stuck" joints and tight muscles moving once again, so you are able to grow old gracefully.

"When I first came to you I envisaged a life in a wheelchair and eventually a residential home. Now I can live my life independently. Thank you so much" - Molly

The whole family

As you can see, the whole family can benefit from chiropractic. We are in a privileged position to be able to regularly care for everyone from tiny babies to the elderly, so why not include chiropractic into your family's health care routine. We'd love to see your whole family down at TWC Chiropractic!

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