Chiropractic care can assist with your health care needs, before, during and after pregnancy.

Receiving chiropractic during your pregnancy is a safe and gentle way to help ease common pregnancy ailments. Many mums visit us because of pelvic pain, low back pain, leg pain and trapped nerves. However, even if you don't have pain we can help support and prepare your body to encourage an easier delivery.

Post pregnancy, a lot of new mums find that they soon experience back and neck pain from the postural strain of feeding and carrying their newborn/toddler. Chiropractic can help recovery from the birthing process, ease away those common aches and pains and improve spinal strength and stability.

Is it safe?

Our chiropractors want to help you the best they can. They will never do anything that you are uncomfortable with or anything that might put you and the baby at risk of injury. To put your mind at rest chiropractic has an exemplary safety record. Our chiropractors are extremely proficient at the techniques they use, so you and your precious bump are in the very best of hands.

We are a caring bunch here at SHC Chiropractic and we will always have you and your families best interest at heart.

Techniques used

Chiropractic care for the expectant mum is gentle. Our chiropractors utilise SOT (Sacro-Occipital Technique) predominantly which has a strong focus on restoring a happy balance in the pelvis and spine. Optimal balance in these areas during pregnancy and labour benefits not just the mum but also the baby.

We love chiropractic and find it mind blowing how many ways there are to help somebody. If you are concerned or confused by our methods then call our team and we can get you booked in for a complementary chat.

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