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Covid-19 Update

    Despite the ongoing pandemic, we understand that life continues along with its usual aches and pains. We want to let you know what we are doing here at SHCC to keep you safe when you come to see us. We are open, and able to see clients for chiropractic and massage. Following advice from Public Health England, we are putting extra measures in place to keep our clients and staff as safe and healthy as possible.

    What we are doing, on top of our already regular cleaning schedule:

  1. Frequently disinfecting surfaces throughout the clinic and using disposable paper towels
  2. Cleaning treatments tables and equipment after every visit
  3. Asking clients to wear a mask (unless medically exempt), and to sanitise their hands before entering the clinic
  4. We use a temperature gun to take each client's temperature before they enter the clinic
  5. All our team members are washing and disinfecting hands thoroughly through the day, and in between patients
  6. Practitioners now wear scrubs and PPE including gloves, masks and aprons. Gloves and aprons are changed after each appointment
  7. Every client is sent a Covid-19 Screening form before each appointment, and asked not to attend if they or a member of their household is unwell
  8. We have removed all magazines, books and toys from the waiting area
  9. We have gone contactless AND paperless (almost)! We encourage clients to pay using contactless where possible. The contactless limit has been raised to £45. We have also made our New Patient forms digital, and ask clients to fill them in online before the appointment. This is to minimise the time spent in the waiting room
  10. When you come for your appointment:

  11. Please make sure you have filled in a Covid-19 Screening form before every appointment. This is emailed to you in your Appointment Reminder
  12. Please be as prompt as possible, and wait outside until the time of the appointment
  13. Please wear a mask or face covering to your appointment (unless medically exempt). We can provide you with a disposable one if needed
  14. Please sanitise your hands when you enter the clinic, using the hand sanitiser provided

Initial consultation

You will be emailed your registration and health history forms in advance, in your Appointment Confirmation email. Please complete these in advance of your appointment. When you arrive at the clinic, you will be greeted by one of our reception team, who will let you know when your chiropractor is ready. The initial consultation is when your chiropractor really gets to listen and understand your current health complaints. They will also find out your personal health goals and what you want to get out of your chiropractic care.

A detailed health history will be taken, not only regarding your current health status but also previous injuries, traumas that may even go back years.

After the history has been completed the physical assessment will take place. You chiropractor will carefully examine the function of your joints, muscles and your nervous system.

Your chiropractor will then compile all the information and present their thoughts, findings and care plan to you in a mini report of findings. Treatment usually happens on the second visit after a full report of findings, however advice will be given and treatment if necessary.

X-ray Referral: If your history indicates that X-rays are necessary we will organise a referral to Horder Healthcare where digital X-rays, MRI and Ultrasound examinations can be obtained.

Report of Findings

During this visit your chiropractor will explain in detail the results of the initial consultation and go through any imaging or further investigations that were required. They will outline your personal care plan which will allow you to regain your health as quickly as possible. Your chiropractor will of course have their professional opinion on what needs to be done but they will also listen and work with you to help you achieve your goals.

They will inform you fully of the recommended length of your treatment plan, the costs involved and what is required from yourself to create a team environment for healing. If you are happy and want to work with us then your chiropractor will commence your adjustments.

Regular visits and check ups

Each one of these visits builds on the last. Throughout your care at SHC Chiropractic we like to run progress examinations so we both know that things are going in the right direction. We may also advise that other therapies (such as massage, personal training, Yoga or Pilates) be used at certain stages of your care to benefit you further.

These sessions are shorter than the initial consultation and report of findings, however, everybody gets the care that they need. If additional time is required there is no extra fee, or if you feel that you would like more time to discuss an area of your health with your chiropractor, just be sure to let them know and they will arrange that for your next visit.

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Adults (16+ years)

New Chiropractic Patient £64
Chiropractic Treatment £40

Reactivation £44
(not attended for 12 months or more)

Babies, Infants and Children in full time education up to 21 years of age

New Chiropractic Patient £50
Chiropractic Treatment £32

Massage fees

45 minute massage – £50

* Missed appointments for both chiropractic and massage incur an automatic charge equal to the full price of the appointment, of which 50% is donated to Dandelion Time
* We do not accept cheques

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